Growing in Relationship with Christ

This years theme at RBC, has been "Spiritual Growth." When God first starting putting this into my heart, about this time last year, I would have never guest what God's plan for my life was going to involve. I don't know about you, but the LORD has revealed some amazing truths to me this year. I can honestly say that God has taken me down roads that I have never traveled before and along the way I have found myself rejoicing and praising Him for He is GOOD. I truly "Stand Amazed at the Presence" of God our Father.

One major thing that I have learned this year is that God is BIGGER than I can even begin to imagine. If your anything like I am, you already think you have an idea of the size and grandeur of God, however, we need erase any thoughts we have to how BIG and GREAT we think God really is because He is much BIGGER that that. He is infinite in exsistance, knowledge, wisdom, love, grace, mercy, you name it, God is infinite in His attributes.

Spiritual Growth is growing in your personal relationship with God. Its knowing God for who He REALLY is. Not so much a head knowledge but a true heart that is seeking to know God more in relationship. When we stop trying to define who we think God is, and start allowing God to show us who He really is, we then discover "How Great is our God."

We are here on this earth for such a short time. Do not rob yourself of the opportunites God has given you in knowing Him more. Get involved within your church. Don't forsake yourself from coming and gathering with other believers who, themselves, are seeking to grow in relationship with God. It is easy to get out of the habit of gathering with others at church. All you are doing is hurting yourself and missing those precious moments when God opens up His word and shows you something amazing about Himself.

Don't stop growing in your relationship with God. Keep loving His Word, Seeking His face, and Turning your life over to His hands. I look forward to seeing your this LORD's Day as we Worship our Amazing God together.

Seeking to Know Christ More,

Pastor, Jeff

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