Revival? What is It?

A Message from Pastor Jeff Addison
August 2, 2014

Have you ever heard of the term Revival?  What is it? Do I personally need revival? What is Revival? Revival refers to a spiritual reawakening from a state of dormancy or stagnation in the life of a believer. It encompasses the resurfacing of a love for God, an appreciation of God's holiness, a passion for His Word and His church, a convicting awareness of personal and corporate sin, a spirit of humility, and a desire for repentance and growth in righteousness.   In simplest terms it is the renewal of ones love for God.  From time to time God’s people need polishing we can so easily lose our passion and love for God, His Word, our devotion to Him.  The world captivates us and we have need to turn back to God with a repentant heart longing to experience His glory. READ MORE

Is Hell For Real?

A Message from Pastor Jeff Addison
May 1st 2014

There have been quite a few faith based movies that have come to the big screen this year alone, “Noah”, “God’s Not Dead”, and the most recent “Heaven is for Real” which has lead to some debate regarding God, Faith, Heaven, Hell etc…A new Gallup poll found that Americans are more likely to believe in God and Heaven than in the Devil and Hell.The latest study found that 86 percent of American adults believe in God which is a drop from 90 percent in 2004 and in 2001. Seventy percent expressed belief in the Devil.Also, 81 percent said they believe in Heaven; 75 percent in Angels; and 69 percent in Hell.When the Gallup Organization posed different alternatives to belief in God, less people reported they believe in God. The study found that 78 percent of Americans said they believe in God and 14 percent said they believe in a universal spirit or higher power. When the "higher power" alternative was removed and replaced with "something you're not sure about," nearly nine in 10 Americans reported believing in God.It is interesting that a much higher percentage of people believe in the existence of heaven than believe in the existence of hell. According to the Bible, though, hell is just as real as heaven. The Bible clearly and explicitly teaches that hell is a real place. READ MORE

The Passion of Christ Part 1

A Message from the Passion Series
April 20th 2014

A minister noticed a young boy kneeling off to the side of the room after youth group and praying very fervently. As the preacher came within earshot of the boy, he was surprised to hear the boy saying: "Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo." 
After the boy finished his praying the preacher approached him and said, "Son, I was very pleased to see you praying so devoutly, but I couldn’t help but overhear you saying something like ’Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo.’ What was that all about?"
The boy replied, "Well, I just finished taking my geography test in school, and I have been praying as hard as I can that God would make Tokyo the Capital of France."

How many of you think that boy’s prayers will change the Capital of France to Tokyo? Not going to happen is it? READ MORE

Discovering a Joy that will Last a Lifetime

A Message From Pastor Jeff
Dec. 15th 2013

Most people don't enjoy life; they just endure it. We think that life must be perfect for us to be happy. If I could just change my situation life would be great. If I could just get rid of all my problems... But there's no such thing as a problem free life. If you're going to learn to be happy, joyful, you must learn to be joyful in the situation, in the problems, in the very experiences of life. Question is, is that even possible can Joy last a life time and then some.   "Happiness" comes from the word "happenstance" from which we get the word "circumstance".  It depends on happenings.   We experience happiness when things are going our way…but when they are NOT, happiness leaves us like it was never even there.   Joy is different than happiness. READ MORE

Thy Will Be Done

By Pastor Jeff
July 30th. 2013

God never stops amazing me with timely messages from Him in the most unlikely places, events, moments and even just reading something that you receive in the mail.  God uses just about anything to help communicate what He wants you to know about Him or He just wants to answer a prayer by showing Himself to you through those avenues He choices to us to show you His glory.  I praise God for His grace through His revelation by giving us His Word, showing us Himself through circumstances and even using others to witness to us in times of great trouble.
   I was reading an article this morning in my office that, I believe was sent to me straight from God.  It grabbed my attention because of the title, which was, "Thy Will Be Done."  It was something that I have been praying for and crying out to God to do.  Not just for my life but for (YOU) Ridgemont.  God let your will be done...send your glory upon us your face...may you be praised...and on and on and on the prayer goes.  It is my hearts CRY!  My heart aches for His church.
   Anyway, I want to share just a portion of the article with you.  The following is from "The Prayer Closet" Volume XVI May-June, 2013 Issue 3 entitled, "Thy Will Be Done." I do hope you take to read it. READ MORE

Growing in Relationship with God

by Pastor Jeff
(June 28th, 2013)

This years theme at RBC, has been "Spiritual Growth." When God first starting putting this into my heart, about this time last year, I would have never guest what God's plan for my life was going to involve. I don't know about you, but the LORD has revealed some amazing truths to me this year. I can honestly say that God has taken me down roads that I have never traveled before and along the way I have found myself rejoicing and praising Him for He is GOOD. I truly "Stand Amazed at the Presence" of God our Father.  READ MORE...

Walking in Grace

Walking in Grace by Pastor Jeff
(May 28th, 2013)

I just finished reading a book entitled, “Grace Walk” by Steve McVey.  This book itself is prime evidence of the truth it teaches – that Jesus Christ will do more through us that we could ever do for Him.  (Grace verses Works) has always been a struggle within the Christian life.  Most of us know a little about God’s grace, or at least enough to say it is AMAZING right.  You also may know about what works are all about.  If you read the Bible enough you know that it is full of things we should and should not be doing.  The problem comes we place works ahead of grace this is called “Legalism.” Legalism is when we try and try to do what is right in God’s eyes, living the best we can for Him and all the while we struggle to live up to God expectations.  Legalist Christians, feel defeated, feel like a failure, simply because of the struggle to maintain the Christian appearance.  I wonder, have you ever felt this way.  Well, I have.  I have fell into the trap of legalism, more times than I can count.  This is where living the Christian life can seem hard and frustrating at the same time. READ MORE...

Becoming a Vertical Church

The idea that church has to be business as usual, preoccupied with a human centered agenda, God created the church to reflect His glory and to enthrone Jesus in His rightful place, high and lifted up.  Only a vertical church can reveal a holy God who shows up in power, changing hearts and altering lives.  The world is hungry for what only a vertical church can provide. Let us not waste our life on horizontal pursuits. Look up and see the glory of God. Vertical Church Study continues to meet at 5:30pm each Sunday afternoon.  The study will conclude on June 9th but the teaching will last a life a time. It is never to late to join a group today.

As pastor of Ridgemont it excites me to see what all God is doing in the life of each believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  Ridgemont has come a long way.  We have had our ups and downs.  However, through it all God has always been there proving Himself faithful to those that truly love Him and serve Him. Let me keep trying to encourage each and everyone of you to keep on keeping on.  Never grow weary in doing good for the Lord.  Keep your eyes focused on Christ.  Let His presence shine out from your life.  Be that disciple of Christ God wants you become.  Have the mind of Christ and lets all become that vertical church that wants nothing more than to let the glory of God be seen and experienced.  God bless you, and keep being an encouragement to others.

Praising God,
Bro. Jeff