Thy Will Be Done

God never stops amazing me with timely messages from Him in the most unlikely places, events, moments and even just reading something that you receive in the mail.  God uses just about anything to help communicate what He wants you to know about Him or He just wants to answer a prayer by showing Himself to you through those avenues He choices to us to show you His glory.  I praise God for His grace through His revelation by giving us His Word, showing us Himself through circumstances and even using others to witness to us in times of great trouble.
   I was reading an article this morning in my office that, I believe was sent to me straight from God.  It grabbed my attention because of the title, which was, "Thy Will Be Done."  It was something that I have been praying for and crying out to God to do.  Not just for my life but for (YOU) Ridgemont.  God let your will be done...send your glory upon us your face...may you be praised...and on and on and on the prayer goes.  It is my hearts CRY!  My heart aches for His church.
   Anyway, I want to share just a portion of the article with you.  The following is from "The Prayer Closet" Volume XVI May-June, 2013 Issue 3 entitled, "Thy Will Be Done." I do hope you take to read it.

"In Luke 11:1, the disciples listened to Jesus pray.  When He ceased from praying, these men made a request of the Lord Jesus Christ, "Lord, teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples to pray."  In response to their request, Jesus gave them the Model Prayer (Luke 11:2-4; Matthew 6:9-13)

In this Model Prayer, Jesus Christ teaches us how to pray.  He instucts us on how to seek and communicate with our heavenly Father.  He provides a basic outline for developing our communication with God.  He begins by teaching us about our Father. Our Father is in heaven, the one Sovereign God, reigning over all.  He is our Father through faith in Jesus Christ.  The foundation for all tru prayer is knowing that the one true God is our merciful, sovereign Father through personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus them teaches us to pray that God will be glorified.  Our great concern should be that God is magnified in all things, especially in our personal lives.  When we pray, we must ask and seek Him for those things that will manifest His greatness.

Following this, Jesus calls us to pray for the coming of the kingdom.  The kingdom has two aspects - a present and future aspect.  We are to pray that people will hear and receive the good news of Jesus Christ, bowing to Him as Lord and Savior and entering His kingdom.  Yet, we are also to pray for Christ's return.  We are to pray that we are prepared for the coming of that glorious day.

Jesus' next instruction for prayer is found in these words, "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven" (Matt. 6:10). Our praying has to be anchored in God's glory, God's kingdom, and God's will.  The Lord Jesus Christ teachs that we are to seek our Father for His will.  As a child of God, the priority of our lives has to be doing what the Father wills.  By faith in Christ, we are to die to our will.  We are to forsake the desires of the world.  We are to resist the will of Satan our enemy.  Now that we have come to know God as our Father, the will of God has to be the passion of our lives."

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