Expect a loving and warm greeting from the people at Ridgemont.  Our purpose and mission is to show you the love of God.  We understand that we all are sinners, none of us are perfect, but we have a perfect Savior Jesus Christ who loves us unconditionally.  When you visit Ridgemont you will notice right off, that we are not here to judge you or make you feel inferior, we are here to welcome you into the presence of our Almighty forgiving and loving God.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Ridgemont.  Pastor Jeff would love to visit with you and always looks forward to meeting new people.

One of the most frequent asked questions regarding Ridgemont is "How to Join?"

Any person can become a candidate for membership at Ridgemont.  The most important criteria before becoming a member is your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Have you excepted God's grace of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  (LEARN MORE) If so, you have met the first and most important part in joining Christ's church - the Family of God. 

The next step in becoming a member is to familiarize yourself with the core beliefs and expectations of what it means to be a member at Ridgemont.  You do this by enrolling in the Membership Class that is offered on an annual basis.  You can view the course study by click here.  In this class you will be able to discover what RBC believes as well as the purpose and mission of the church.  You will be able to ask questions and seek God's will in this important decision on whether or not RBC is where God wants you to serve.

After the class you will be asked to sign the Church Covenant Agreement, as well as fill out a membership card if you have not already done so.  You will be asked about your personal faith in Christ and whether or not you have followed Christ in believer's baptism.  RBC accepts candidates who have made a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ, and have been scripturally baptized (by immersion). If you have any questions or concerns on this please contact Pastor Jeff and he will be happy to explain all this in a more detailed way.