Gospel Abilene

Gospel Abilene gathers together local talent to sing Gospel praise at the end of spring each year. The primary purpose of Gospel Abilene is to raise money for Hope Camp.

Every year a group of "at risk" children (middle school age) spend three days experiencing compassion, worship, prayer, and the fellowship of understanding (and some fishing!).  These are good kids who have had difficult life-experiences, and, as campers, they come face-to-face with the love of God, compassion of Christ, and the mission of Jesus.

     The Abilene-Callahan Baptist Association develops, organizes, and funds the event with great volunteers and generous donors, who make Hope Camp possible for these teens.  Most of the Hope Campers come from broken homes and are raised in rough circumstances.  Hope Camp offers them the truth from God, presence of God's people, and the loving compassion of Jesus Christ.    

     Counselors for the children are state-certified, have passed background checks, and are excellent at uplifting these children who may feel down and out.  One counselor wrote:

"Getting the chance to be a small part of Hope Camp opened my eyes to more hurt and brokenness than I wanted to know, but also allowed me to love much deeper than I could ever imagine...Having the opportunity to not only witness the Lord work, but [to] be a part of His work, is not only exhilarating, but it also creates a drive in me to want to love and serve others better" (Laston Timmons, Camp Counselor).  

     Hope Camp is positioned to grow in its ministry impact upon families in the area!  How might our Lord use you, or your church fellowship?  

Mark your Calendar

APRIL 19th 2018

6:30 PM